Sunday, October 30, 2016

Leaping into new concept..but not to forget our culture

Dear Countryside2u ceramic lovers,

    There are a lot of ceramic products out there with unique designs , colours and shapes. One of it that holds a special place in and has core value in this site is called Labu Sayong.  Not because I was raised in Kuala Kangsar, but also it's because the intrinsic value of this special product. 

    The Labu Sayong is popular for storing drinking water at homes. The cool water from the pot is believed to have healing properties especially fever and body heat. In the old times where there is no refrigerator at home, Labu Sayong is the best way to keep water cool as if it's taken out from the refrigerator. How awesome this invention is!! The pot is also kept as a decorative item or proudly given away as souvenir.

   If you would like to try out Labu Sayong you can buy with our site anytime. On the right column you will see the details of how you can do your payment.We do send our products to overseas , so no need to worry...anytime, anywhere.

Thank you!!