Monday, October 26, 2009

November 2009 collection of potpourri case

Dear all readers,
sorry for not updating this website for quite some time.somehow been too busy doing other project..anyway, here is one ..good.. i would say,example of a creative and artistic potpourri case. The flowers on the side and top cover are sharp and the color contrast of the flowers and leaves make it easy on the eyes..even suitable to put it on your shelf or work table.

Item Code : BT 4052
Height : ~9 cm
Width : ~9 cm
Price : according to quantity..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ceramic Lamp - continuation

Dear readers,
as i mentioned earlier, most if not all our products are customizable i.e colours, shapes.You may also include name plate or glass casing for any products you wish to make as corporate gift Here is one fine example :

Item Code : TL 7008
Height : 35 cm
Width : 18 cm
Price : available upon request..
Info : This pix showing you the bulb is changed to blue colour according to your liking and also, name plate attached to the base of the lamp.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dear readers,
After a thought, this announcement has become a necessity than a want/luxury although I received a few requests too about this lately.Well, I'm organizing and conducting a short course on web development ESPECIALLY for Small Medium Enterprise owners.
Being one myself, I understand how valuable time is to a business owner/entrepreneur, after all Time=Money.(*Specially catered for those who can't leave their business too long to other people to run it for them*) With that in mind, this course is :-
  1. short, approximately 3 hours (max)
  2. for business owners who are clueless on how to start having an online business
  3. using free tools on the net
  4. to make sure you go back,money-back-guarantee that your website/product/service is up and running for 24/7/365.
  5., trust is less than RM100

So, don't wait any longer to register yourself for this short course either by calling my number at 019- 365 8368 or e-mail to me at countryside2u[at]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ceramic Lamp Collection

Ceramic Lamp Collection

Item Code : TL 7000
Height : 45 cm
Width : 35 cm
Price : RM 145

Item Code : TL 7001
Height : 50 cm
Width : 35 cm
Price : RM 135

Item Code : TL 7002
Height : 30 cm
Width : 30 cm
Price : RM 90
Info :

Item Code : TL 7003
Height : 35 cm
Width : 28 cm
Price : RM 88

Item Code : TL 7004
Height : 38 cm
Width : 35 cm
Price : RM 120

Item Code : TL 7005
Height : 35 cm
Width : 28 cm
Price : RM 120

Item Code : TL 7006
Height : 45 cm
Width : 35 cm
Price : RM 145

Item Code : TL 7007
Height : 36 cm
Width : 30 cm
Price : RM 110

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Changed motto

Decided to change our motto from "Your Perfect Gift Partner" to "The Prada of Ceramic Gifts"..hope it suits our collection of products. Any comments?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Wedding Souvenir Collection 2009

Potpourri or Egg Casing (suitable as wedding souvenir)

Dear All,
I believe 2009 theme is mostly gold or silver coloured because most of my clients are asking in that direction lately.
So, here are a two latest design in different angle for your choosing. Happy viewing!!
Colours can be changed according to your need.


Item Code : BT 4050
Height : 7.5 cm
Width : 6.5 cm
Length : 10.5 cm
Price : RM 9.50/PIECE
Info : A truly classic design resembling the real 'tepak sirih'


Item Code : BT 4051
Height : 10 cm
Width : 8 cm
Price : RM 4.90/pcs

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Countryside2u Collections of Labu Sayong (Water Gourd)

Our main website at is down at the moment. Some clients finding it difficult to find and view our products there. We will have to make use of this English site and upload pictures of labu here.We will take any orders in any numbers for delivery within Malaysia and outside Malaysia. The cost of delivery has to be borne by the clients.
Here are our collections of Labu Sayong in various design.

Item Code : LB 5000
Height : 34 cm
Width : 17 cm
Price : RM 28
Info : This design is derived from a local fruit called 'asam gelugur'.Suitable to store drinking water .


Item Code : LB 5001
Height : 34 cm
Width : 17 cm
Price : RM 3O
Info : Highly demanded by customer because of its intrinsic design. Limited stock.


Item Code : LB 5003
Height : 34 cm
Width : 17 cm
Price : RM 28
Info : Unique carving on the side of the water gourd.

Our collection of labu displayed during one of the national exhibition

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Potpourri Casing

Here are a few potpourri casing for your view. These are the latest design.
You may customize the colour according to your theme colour.
The shape is also customizable, call me first to confirm on the multiple design that we have.
You may put eggs (size is also customizable according to eggs), 'bunga rampai' or even chocolates/sweets. Isn't it sweet?!

Item Code : BT 4000
Height : 10 cm
Width : 8 cm
Price : RM 4.30/pcs
Info : Unique thing about this design is the decoration around it.Minimum order that we take is 500 units. If you order more than 1000 pieces, you can get special price from us.Talk to us today!!

Item Code : BT 4001
Height : 10 cm
Width : 8 cm
Price : RM 4/pcs
Info : This design is a hit for those who prefers stamped flowers (bunga tampal).