Saturday, March 28, 2009

Potpourri Casing

Here are a few potpourri casing for your view. These are the latest design.
You may customize the colour according to your theme colour.
The shape is also customizable, call me first to confirm on the multiple design that we have.
You may put eggs (size is also customizable according to eggs), 'bunga rampai' or even chocolates/sweets. Isn't it sweet?!

Item Code : BT 4000
Height : 10 cm
Width : 8 cm
Price : RM 4.30/pcs
Info : Unique thing about this design is the decoration around it.Minimum order that we take is 500 units. If you order more than 1000 pieces, you can get special price from us.Talk to us today!!

Item Code : BT 4001
Height : 10 cm
Width : 8 cm
Price : RM 4/pcs
Info : This design is a hit for those who prefers stamped flowers (bunga tampal).