Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pewter Tepak Sirih

Dear readers,
How have you been doing? We hope that all readers of Countryside2u still remember us as a good partner in sourcing ceramic products and now we are arranging new product lines into our store. These products are exquisite and HANDMADE...that's what we've been telling our clients all this while that our products are chosen carefully by us due to its quality and exquisite workmanship.
Most of these items are age-old tradition in Malay culture and we are trying to bring it out to all and make people appreciate the legacy of past generation again.

These products are made from pewter embossed with Gold or Silver plated. To add varieties to your choice it is also available in rhodium, antique gold & antique rhodium with Swarovski crystals.
These materials chosen are always why the reason you should make it as an ideal souvenirs that one can bring home or as wedding ornaments.

Pewter Tepak Sirih 

Countryside2u - Tepak Sirih

 Item Code : TSBK20
Height : ~ 28-30cm
Note: This item come with swarovski crystal

Countryside2u -TSBK21

 Item Code : TSBK21
Height : ~ 28-30cm

Countryside2u -TSR22
Item Code : TSR22
Height : ~32CM

* Price and delivery information will be available upon request.

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