Thursday, August 28, 2008

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Where is this company located?

Countryside2u is a Malaysian company. We produced our products locally and marketed it worldwide via internet.

2. Is there any minimum amount for product purchase?

No minimum amount except for potpourri / egg cases , minimum amount that we take is 500 units.

And for delivery, it is more cost effective when you buy in bulk.

3. What is your return policy ?

We try to give you the best product with good service. But in case of defects, you may return it to us within 7 days in its original casing/packaging. No partial return is offered. You have to arrange for, and pay for return shipping. So far, most of our clients are satisified with our product quality.

If your situation is not mentioned in this policy, please call us at 019- 3658368 to discuss your situation.

4. What is your Product Guarantee?

Countryside2u guarantees its products to be free from defects in workmanship or material. Our product are wrapped in bubble wrap and box.

5. What is the shipping cost?

You will receive an estimated shipping charge online from Pos Malaysia as it is our main delivery partner. You may also request to ship your order via DHL, UPS etc by calling us.

5. How do I place an order?

Variety of ordering methods to choose from, it's easy to order your way.

  • Phone : Call 019-3658368 (Azian) / 012-2125343 (Zuhdi) ; anytime or 03-40214422 ; from Monday thru Friday.
  • E-mail :
  • Fax : Fax your orders to 03-40222422

4. What is the payment method?

We have a few methods that can use to pay.

Method #1 :Cash deposit/ Bank transfer

Go to the nearest ATM machine or cash deposit machine and transfer it to one of the account below.

Or you can use a much easier way by login to Maybank2u website.

Account Number : 5-62209-61221-1
Name : CountrysideToYouEnterprise

Account Number : 1143-2000-0080
Name : Nur Azian Arshad

Method #2: Cheque / Postal Order

You can also pay us by sending cheque/ postal order to us.
Full name : NUR AZIAN BINTI ARSHAD must be written on the cheque.

Post the cheque to this address :

CountrysideToYou Enterprise
C-2-07, Apt Sri Baiduri,
Ukay Perdana,
68000 Ampang,

Please e-mail /call us to inform your name and product ID once you have mailed the cheque/ postal order.

*Easy huh?!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ceramic Vases (Catalogue 2)

Item Code : LB 5004
Height : 35 cm
Width : 28 cm
Price : RM 38
Info : New product in Labu Sayong collection. Crafted with batik design. Suitable as water container too.

Item Code : CH 2200
Height : 20 cm
Width : 12 cm x 12 cm
Price : RM 60
Info : Stocks available. Hurry, order before December 2008 to get special price !!
Vase type , base colour and ribbon are exchangable to suit your event theme.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ceramic Vases (Catalogue 1)

Below pictures are from Ceramic Vases Collection 2008.

Item Code : PT 1012
Height : 35 cm
Width : 28 cm
Price : RM 38
Info : Beautiful and crafty as decorative item. Multiple colours e.g green, blue

Item Code : PT 1013
Height : 35 cm
Width : 28 cm
Price : RM 58
Info : Suitable as decorative vase on a console table. The wood colour is the latest trend and many find it attractive to suit with other furniture.

Item Code : PT 1014
Height : 43 cm
Width : 20 cm
Price : RM 45
Info : Tall and slender vase. Unique as part of house decoration . Available in white and brown.

Item Code : PT 1015
Height : 50 cm
Width : 30 cm
Price : RM 45
Info : Tall vase, suitable as decoration on a console table . Multiple colours e.g green, black, red, blue.

Note ** :Delivery cost depends on location.

Countryside2u - Your Perfect Gift Partner (English version)

Welcome to Countryside2u website - Your Perfect Gift Partner.


This blog is dedicated to cater the needs of my readers who prefer to read in English.
For a start, I will put up some introduction about this company and later move on to our virtual catalogue. I welcome any questions / comments / suggestions from you for we hope to give our best service to you, our valued customer."

CountrysideToYou Enterprise (Countryside2u) - About Us

CountrysideToYou Enterprise or better known as Countryside2u is a Malaysian company that sells online local ceramic handicrafts for Malaysian and international buyers. Our aim is to promote arts, crafts and traditional cultures to the new generations and for those who appreciate Malay heritage.

We have extensive products ranging from handcrafted ceramic vases, ceramic table lamps, water gourds/container or better known as Labu Sayong, varieties of wedding souvenir and potpourri cases for weddings.

In this internet era, we believe in concept of buying products online will reduce time, cost and hassle. And a hassle-free shopping doesn't mean that it will jeapordize the quality of the product. With this commitment and product guarantee, we hope you will be more confident dealing with our company.

For further enhancement and your satisfaction, we are very happy to hear any comments from you. This is our way of saying thank you for all your support to our product.

E-mail to us at or call 019- 365 8368 / 012 - 212 5343 , and we will try to answer your need as soon as possible.

Thank you ,

Countryside2u Management Team